Neck Protection


Every year football players are becoming bigger, faster and stronger which make the collisions football players face even more severe. Neck Protection in football has become even more important over the last 15 years, which is why Endzone Sports offers the best neck rolls and neck protection accessories available. 

When an athlete experiences a burner or a stinger, often times parents, coaches and players do not know what to do to help remedy the situation. Neck Rolls and Butterfly Collars were designed with equipment managers and players specifically for this situation. Football neck rolls help stabilize the neck and maintain proper form on the field so that when being hit or hitting the ground, the neck doesn't whip backwards dangerously.

As former football players and we know the importance of neck protection in football, which is why we encourage all our athletes to add support and protection to their neck with a Neck Roll or Buttefly Collar found here at Endzone Sports! We stock the top of the line Neck Rolls and Butterfly Collars from Douglas and McDavid for the best prices available!