Rawlings PRO5 JRP Leather Youth Football

The PRO5 JR Youth Football defines Rawlings tradition and heritage. Offering a true Pro style feel in the same popular shape as the Rawlings ST5, this ball is ideal for QB's who like a harder ball with the same great performance. 

Product #: PRO5JR - Junior (Ages 9-12)


  • QB 12 Pattern: Smallest circumference allowable
  • Leather: Center Cut Deep Pebbled Horween leather with exclusive "R2-TAC" for impoved grip
  • Bladder: 4 ply TPU bladder forms a better shape, holds in air, and locks out moisture
  • Lace: Thick high strength composite for improved grip, feel, and control
  • NFHS and NCAA approved 
  • Item #: Pro5JR

Rawlings PRO5 JRP Leather Youth Football

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