Tri Plex Stealth 3 Way Kicking Tee

Kcik your kicking game to the next level with the Triplex Stealth 3-way Kicking Tee. Made from durable plastic, this tee allows you to work on kickoffs and onsides kicks without the help of a holder. The TRIPLEX STEALTH tee was introduced in 2012 and has already been used by numerous high school and college kickers. This tee has 3 distinct modes of use.  Kick off, Squib Kick and Onside Kick all using the same tee!


  • Durable plastic tee
  • Holds football in multiple positions and angles


  • Item #: GT7
  • Manufacturer: Athletic Specialties
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GT7

Tri Plex Stealth 3 Way Kicking Tee

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